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Why is litter bad??

Litter can cause a variety of environmental harms.

Wildlife: Litter can harm wildlife in many ways, including:

  • Habitat destruction: Litter can choke out plant life and destroy habitats.

  • Ingestion: Animals can eat litter, especially plastics, which can get stuck in their stomachs.

  • Entanglement: Animals can get tangled in litter, such as plastic bags or 6-ring holders.

  • Breeding grounds: Litter can provide unnatural breeding grounds for insects and rodents.

Pollution: Litter can lead to air, soil, and water pollution. For example, cigarette butts contain plastic that can wash into storm drains and waterways and remain in the environment for many years.

Fires: Litter can be made of flammable materials that could start a fire.

Accidents: Litter on roads and highways can lead to accidents. 

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